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Khairnar Technologies's complete digital marketing solutions for education sector


Letdown in reaching the target audience

Distinguishing the correct advertising platform for your intended interest group is vital to advancing changes. A lot of establishments are either uninformed of what their intended audience is, or are using the wrong ways to connect with them. Overdependence on apparent platforms – Google, shiksha.com, and so forth isn’t getting the coveted outcomes either.

Customary advertising is excessively costly

The fee acquired per change is just mounting. Spending plans required to run conventional promotion campaigns have soared and the most implicating perspective is there is no exact method to reach the target audience to accomplish a high change proportion, which just outcomes in overshooting of the financial plan without seeing any substantial outcomes.

Lack of a coherent plan

This is effectively one of the greatest impediments that educational organizations are confronted with. The system must integrate guardians and kids as different target audiences and tackle them independently, with various platforms, correspondence routes and brand encounters.

No lead administration framework

With customary media, you may get leads. Nonetheless, a gigantic disadvantage that it experiences is the absence of a component set up to recognize your potential students/parents and foster them for additional admissions.

No awareness about brands

There are countless educational establishments of universal competence, which have the best infrastructure, a delightful property and exceedingly talented instructors, among other phenomenal highlights set up, yet the enrolment rate is horrifying with the quantity of enquiries a long way from ideal. More regrettable is that with low brand mindfulness, there is no extension for informal reputation as well.


Customised and comprehensive advertising technique

From statistical surveying to advertisement campaigns, following leads and fostering them and even pre-deals, we'll productively deal with all the coordination. Khairnar Technologies's ability in execution driven campaigns gives us an edge in outlining exceptionally customized campaigns for you. So whatever your objectives are – affirmations, drives, site movement and impressions – our technique will be tuned consequently to get you the best outcomes hitting at the applicable touch points.

Robotized deals and advertising system

Sell.Do, Khairnar Technologies's sales and marketing mechanization platform, is one of the nation's driving platforms with more than 100 customers involved. With Sell.Do, we can break down key showcasing metrics progressively, trace your leads, oversee and nurture them to get you the most admissions you’ve ever gotten.

Brand mindfulness through campaigns and substance advertising

Content promoting and brand-driven campaigns can be the greatest outcome drivers for instructive institutes. Khairnar Technologies has the experience required to get the highest brand awareness and commitment following a client driven outlook with the ideal media blend of advertisement campaigns, online networking and substance promoting.

End-to-end lead sustaining

Khairnar Technologies is proud of its capacity to productively converting leads into clients and augmenting your admissions. With Sell.Do, we can mechanize email promoting and messaging procedures to focus on your leads at each phase in their exploration cycle, empowering them toward enrolment.


Market research

Your ambitions and objectives shape the premise of a broad campaign design, customized for you. The foundation of this comes down to our statistical surveying, which incorporates a SWOT investigation, contender examination, audience profiling, stage research, etc.

Brand arranging and procedure

In light of the statistical surveying and your targets, Khairnar Technologies sketches a point by point diagram of the advertising and campaign strategy. For instance, if an ascent in the quantity of admissions is your definitive goal, we will utilize a combination of content promoting and social media to expand brand recognition, accompanied by focused advertising and re-marketing to anchor the highest number of enrolments.


With regards to our brand attitude of execution driven marketing, each campaign is deliberately checked at all times and upgraded to continue getting you the best profit for advertising investment. Our campaigns will get you an ever increasing number of leads, while our business procedures will enable you to alter them into admissions.



Sell.Do, Khairnar Technologies's proprietary sales and promoting mechanization platform, viably deals with following and overseeing approaching leads, lead profiling, scoring and that's just the beginning. You'll by no means drop a potential student/parent again!

Lead sustaining

Efficient lead supporting confirms that more latent students/parents are pushed down the pipe - from first turning into a lead in the framework, to going to the campus and after that enrolling. A tailor-made sales pipeline, computerised email promoting and more will enable you to transform more leads into confirmations!


Expand conversions with our business execution and pipeline analysis, intuitions into customer conduct and post-sales services of tuition fee organizing and that is just the tip of the iceberg. With respect to the leads that don't enrol in your foundation - Khairnar Technologies will observe any difficulties or issues and execute a change accordingly in the advertising methodology to solve them.

Case Study

DSK International Campus

Set up in 2007, DSK International Campus
as of now offers exceedingly industry– driven, proficient courses in Design, Animation, Video Game and Fashion Design. Every one of the courses offered is a complete residential one.

  • An undeniable 360-degree online brand campaign and awareness creation for every one of its courses through content showcasing by means of blogs and other content marketing platforms.
  • Campaigns were observed and upgraded regularly over different channels and platforms.
  • Facebook, Instagram and Google Marketing, Taboola, Database Marketing and Design Conclave Events.
  • Automated exercises were dealt with utilizing Sell.Do, India's driving Sales, Marketing and Advertising Automation platform.

To expand brand awareness and increment rate of admissions while confronting a few difficulties - Expensive course, no disconnected or print support for the admissions campaigns and absence of branding.

  • 2000+ leads caught from the campaign
  • Almost 40,000 site visits
  • Around 1,40,000 clicks acquired
  • An increment in engagement with a decrease in the bounce rate on the presentation page from 83% to 3%.
  • 37 admissions within 5 months.

Our accomplished Marketing and Sales group will enable you to create business methodologies and give you business resolutions.