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Today, sales and marketing are extremely fundamental to the real estate business. Without both of these factors - and integrating both conventional and computerized media - detailing a business strategy that will prevail in the present market is next to impossible.

We, at Khairnar Technologies, don’t simply play the part of an agency - we additionally enable you to design your business objectives for various ventures, enhance advertising and sales productivity, streamline your business procedures and lift your income.

What's more, we have 7+ years of land encounters that give us an advantage!

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Why do project launches fail?

Three things are involved in fruitful deals – the correct items, the right evaluation and the correct media mix. We’ve seen 7 years of involvement in marketing for real estate and hence, we realize what works and what doesn't.

We'll enable you to design just the right undertaking (since we realize what your clients need) and we'll assist you in taking it to the market with the correct valuing, right promoting stages and a geared up sales group.

To add to it, our promoting and deals forms are all RERA-consistent, so you can sit back and relax knowing you're in safe hands.

We patched up operational procedures, acquired Sell.Do to oversee forms, streamlined pre-deals and sales forms and dealt with all the marking, advertising and sales activities.

Khairnar Technologies's integrated go-to-market strategy drives conversion rate by 10x with an aim to transform Royal Purandar from a 'no brand to a known brand'.


Each advertiser will discuss property entrances, internet based life stages, and so on. We’re not new to that, know what works and today, we go past these essentials to exceed expectations at showing signs of improvement quality leads at a lower price.

Our advertising stage with self-learning calculations will run and enhance your promoting efforts over each and every platform. Last but not the least, our team with unmatched experience, always applying their domain awareness and skill for fruitful results, should not be forgotten.

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At Khairnar Technologies, real estate publicizing is a miscellaneous word - from disconnected showcasing and brand advancement to advertising guarantee creation, content promoting, social media advertising and a lot more.

Thriving internet based life isn't just about getting more likes and shares. We fabricate commitment, generate a positive feeling and acquire dedication towards your brand on every social media platform. Our social media team mentally visualises, devises and performs paid and organic campaigns that will feature your brand, your activities and the lifestyle they stand for.

We likewise organize Online Reputation Management, in collaboration with your group - a hands-on measure to take care of issues clients are looking at before they get featured via social media. Thus, your status is ensured, not only on the web, but offline as well.

The sheer scope of what we can do for your brand is more than we can list here - but we’d be happy to take you through all our services!

Offline Marketing

Offline promoting (when we talk about hoardings, radio ads, and so forth.) assumes a significant part in brand understanding for real estate.

The innovative office at Khairnar Technologies deals with both online and offline creativity. Regardless of whether you need to redo your site, or make another handout, board or radio jingle - we have you secured!

Some of our recent successful offline campaigns include the Milind Soman series of hoardings for Royal Purandar (shown below) as well as the radio jingle for Estatemint.


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Regardless of whether you're another brand developing and attempting to contend with the veteran ones; or whether you're an entrenched brand hoping to enhance and set market patterns - we have the answer for you.

Marking, development and deals all rely upon you utilizing the ideal harmony amongst advanced and conventional media and making it a piece of your business.

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Take off on a vacation after setting a business objective with us.

We'll deal with accomplishing it! With our sole offering or execution showcasing, you scarcely need to do anything.

We take care of absolutely everything - from helping you design your venture, overseeing deals forms, making pamphlets and site marking, overseeing offline campaigns, and a great deal more. Also, we get paid just on a win based model - so the danger is on us. It's attempted, tried and amazingly result-oriented.

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The business group is the foundation of each real estate organization

- also, most of the times, the minimum outfitted to manage the extensive number of leads coming in daily.

Our Marketing, Sales and Advertising Automation Platform Sell.Do

It streamlines your business procedure, acquiring insight, responsibility and productivity inside the group. Plan site visits for your leads, give them bearings, drop them a message - all at the tip of your fingers.

The platform deals with lead administration, lead scoring, lead supporting and even pre-sales and after-sales forms. Furthermore, with an ongoing dashboard, you have a total oversight on the entirety of your leads at any given minute.

Find out what Sell.Do can enable you to accomplish with our Ekta World contextual analysis, where we took care of over 11,000 leads in 10 days and achieved a Cost per Lead as low as Rs.250.

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